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    10 Things You Didn't Know About Pomeranians

    These sassy fluff balls are one of the top 25 most common breeds according the AKC, and for good reason! These feisty little bodies are packed full of personality. Here’s 9  facts you probably didn’t know about Pomeranians:



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    1. Pomeranians are often labeled as “purse pups,” but have a rich history competing in sports and shows. In addition to obedience and conformation, Pomeranians have titles and championed in sports like agility, rally, flyball and even scent work! 

    Only one Pomeranian has ever taken the title of Best in Show at the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. In 1988, Great Elms Prince Charming II was awarded with a trophy that, at only 4.5 pounds, he could sit in.

    2. Queen Victoria of England was famous for her love of Pomeranians. She had a specialized train car designed for her dogs to travel with her, hired a special guard force just for her dogs and asked for her favorite Pom, Turi to be brought to her deathbed just a day before she passed.

     Queen victoria

    3. The Pomeranian’s ancestors were originally sled dogs and weighed over 50 pounds! Today, they weigh an average of just 3-7 pounds, but Poms descended from the Spitz dog of northern Iceland. Spitz dogs were brought to the coast of the Baltic Sea then-called Pomerania. This region contains parts of present-day Germany and Poland, and contributed to the Pomeranian’s name.


    4. Germany didn’t adopt the name Pomeranian until 1974. Poms are the smallest breed in the German Spitz group, which contains five different sizes and breeds of dogs, including the German Spitz and the Keeshond. Prior to 1974, Germany referred to all five sizes and the generic German Spitz.


    Pom sitting intelligently

    5. Pomeranians are very intelligent In Stanley Coren’s 1994 book “Intelligence of Dogs,” Pomeranians placed 23rd of 199 breeds. Though smart and lovable, they are known to be very independent and stubborn as well.


    6. The very first known recorded account of a Pomeranian was Pommer, who was beloved by a Frenchman and had “sung most outrageously.” And boy was he right! If you’ve ever encountered a Pom, you probably noticed their signature bark. In the past they were used to help guard owner’s belongings and alert bark when a stranger came near.



    Poms sitting on grass


    7. Poms come in a variety of colors and markings. The original Pomeranians were white, brown, black and parti colored. The red and orange we see so commonly today were rare in the early days of the breed. Today, they may be registered and shown with any colors or markings.


    Pom in different shades

    8. Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic, and two were Pomeranians! Unfortunately, the tragedy of the titanic was not limited to human causalities. There were an estimated 12 dogs that boarded the boat, but only three survived the sinking. Two of the three were Pomeranians! What a testament to the dedication of Pom owners everywhere.

    9. Michelangelo was said to have a Pomeranian that sat on a satin pillow and watched him paint the Sistine chapel. Other famous Poms owners include Sir Isaac Newton, who had a feisty girl named Diamond that used to chew his manuscripts, and Mozart, who dedicated an entire aria to his Pom interestingly named Pimperl.



    Stuffed pomeranian


    10. The title of Cutest Dog in the World belonged to a Pomeranian! Boo the Pomeranian lived with his mom and fellow Pom Buddy in San Francisco. His mom started him a Facebook Page that quickly grew to 16 million followers! After becoming an internet sensation and making many media appearances, Boo passed away in 2019 from heart issues.


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