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    My 5 Favorite Features of My Chic Bag

    My 5 Favorite Features of My Chic Bag

    With all of the pet carriers on the market these days, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your needs. I have had a lot of experience with different carriers through being a pet professional.

    My all-time favorite for my personal dogs is my Broadway carrier and Hollywood Carrier. Not only are they cute and versatile, but my dogs have come to love their comfort and ease compared to other carriers we've had in the past. 

    Here's the tops 5 benefits I've found that my Chic Pet Bag has compared to traditional box carriers, backpack carriers, or other soft sided carriers.

    1. Peace of Mind

    Knowing my dog is safe and secure in their pet carrier takes a huge weight off of my mind. My two Pomeranians are known escape artists, but the safety latch inside the bag is a solid hook and securely fastened. The velcro and zippers that close the bag are also very solid, and easy to fasten. 

    They also need to have plenty of ventilation while in the secure bag, but the Chic bag delivers on the feature as well. All bags feature mesh tops and sides with large, well-ventilated holes in the side. They are also airline-approved!


    2. Plenty of Privacy 

    My Broadway bag has well ventilated sides and a mesh top, which is perfect for my dog Sammie that likes to see me when we go anywhere. She can also stick her head out of the bag while still being secure, making it perfect for me to be able to comfort her during car rides. 

    My Hollywood bag is perfect for my older girl that likes to bark at things when she feels overwhelmed. I'm able to easily decide how much she can see by folding the side flap up and cover the mesh top. Even though these are closed, there is still plenty of ventilation and air for her to breathe. It makes for a less stressful time if she's not able to see other dogs going in and out grooming appointments or vet visits!

    3. Comfort for Two

    Not only is my Chic Pet Bag comfortable for me to carry, but it's comfortable for my dog to ride in. The straps on the side are sturdy, and are large enough to support the weight from my dog well. They also balance well when you are carrying the bag, either tucked under your shoulder or on your forearm.

    The Hollywood carrier has the extra bonus of the shoulder strap, which is perfect for my tiniest girl! It makes it very easy to carry on around your hip while keeping your hands free. I love using it when I take Sammie on extra long walks, but Trixie is too old to keep up for that long. It allows me to carry Trixie comfortably and still exercise Sam!

    4. Pockets on Pockets

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I have to be prepared for anything on my outings with my dogs. Poo bags, leashes, emergency treats... you name it, I probably have it! 

    Before I had my Chic bags, I carried a separate purse or backpack for supplies. Now I am able to easily carry everything with my carrier. I attach the poo bag dispenser to one of the bag's many durable rings, carry treats in one of the pockets and use the other pocket for my phone or leash. 

    Even inside the bag is safe to carry thing, so long as your dog does not chew it! My dogs are older and don't chew, so I often carrier my wallet inside the bag, tucked under the bottom piece. It's still comfy for my dog but my money and ID cards are safe and secure!

    5. Versatile Beyond Belief

    One thing that surprised me about owning my Chic Pet Bag was how much I enjoyed having the carrier with me! I routinely take my dogs out to parks, markets, or brunch, and have gotten in the habit of snagging a pet carrier on my way out the door. 

    It has changed my life! Even when my dogs are walking, I can use the carrier to hold my phone or even put my wallet inside the carrier. While one of my dogs rides along in the carrier, the outer pocket easily holds their leash so it's easy to access when needed. 

    The carriers look just like a high fashion purse, if not a little large. The classic designs match almost any outfit I have, and I don't think there's anything that at least one Chic Bag doesn't match!


    My Chic Pet Bag made it so much easier for me to travel with my dogs, as well as use them for day to day errands. My dogs enjoy the freedom of getting to leave the house more often, and I enjoy the extra set of hands it seems to give me when out with my dogs. 

    I highly recommend anyone with a small dog think about using a Chic Pet Bag in their future!



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