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    5 Dog Halloween Safety Tips for 2022

    5 Dog Halloween Safety Tips for 2022

    We all love to include all our family members, and of course that means our dogs! As much as we enjoy including our dogs in halloween festivities, not every activity is going to be safe for your dog. Keep these 5 Halloween dog safety tips in mind as you celebrate the spooky season! 🎃

    1. Keep candy and people treats far away from your pups.

    Most of us know that chocolate can be deadly to dogs, but did you know that gum, candy, raisins and even the wrappers on the candy can cause potential blockages or toxicity in dogs? It’s best to keep all candy in a high cabinet. Even better if it’s in a locking container!
    Walk your dog during the day to avoid them picking up anything on the ground that may have been left behind by trick-or-treaters

    2. Supervise all costume use.

    Costumes can be adorable, and dogs can be trained to tolerate them, but they should be used with caution! Small parts can be choking hazard, as well as the potential the for dog to get caught in the costume. Be sure to supervise your dog in their costumes and only use for short periods of time!


    3. Be aware of candle placement and battery-operated décor.

    Candles with open flames are a dangerous mix with swiping tails. Be aware of the level and stability of where you are placing candles. Battery-operated décor can also be a hazard with curious pups if swallowed, so it’s best to keep them away from pets as well!

    4. Update your microchip and Pet ID information.

    Even the most well-behaved dogs can become overwhelmed and panic when the neighborhood is so active. Ensure your dog’s information is up-to-date, their collar is snug and their pet ID tags are attached. Better safe than sorry!

    pomeranian dog in dog carrier purse
    5. A calm environment may be better than a night out with the family.

    Some dogs do not enjoy large gathering or loud situations. For these dogs, the prospect of a night full of doorbells, scary costumes and new experiences may be too much. It’s okay to let your dog enjoy some quiet time.
    A great way to give your dogs a break is to give them their own quiet room during trick-or-treating time to avoid the stress of the doorbell over and over again.

    During public outings like pumpkin patch visits or festivals, having a space they feel safe is important, especially as a small dog in a big world. Chic's Broadway Dog Carrier (shown above) is well ventilated, but with opaque sides that give your dog a cozy retreat.

    For dogs that likes to enjoy the view from a safe space, check our airline-approved Hollywood Carrier has mesh sides for those nosy pups to see everything from their comfortable purse. 

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