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    5 Small Dog Thanksgiving Safety Tips

    5 Small Dog Thanksgiving Safety Tips

    Our dogs are part of the family, so naturally we want to include them in every aspect of our lives. this includes holiday celebrations!

    Dog owners love to make holidays just as special for their dogs as it is for them, but it's important to remember that our dog's safety is number one. Many Thanksgiving festivities can be dangerous to our dogs. 

    Here are the top 5 safety tips to keep in mind this Thanksgiving!

    Create a Separate Feast for Dogs

    Thanksgiving is known for it's extravagant meals and sharing with family, but this can be hazardous for your dogs. Many of the foods we eat are poisonous to dogs, and if the food itself isn't, the spices likely are.

    Salt is the most common substance that can be toxic to dogs, and we use quite a bit of salt in our everyday meals. Just one dose of too much salt can be fatal to your dog.

    To avoid this, create a separate, bland meal for your dog to enjoy while your family enjoys dinner. Avoid salt and other spices, and make sure it's a small amount of people food. An easy way to prolong their special meal is to mix it with their usual nightly kibble. 

    Advise Family Members Not to Feed the Pups

    It can be incredibly tempting for visiting family members to want to give your pups table scraps, especially if your dog is a professional beggar like mine! But don't be afraid to put your foot down to protect your fur babies! The food we eat can be toxic to your dog, so it's important to monitor what your dog is eating. 

    An easy way to do this is to prepare your dogs a safe and special meal to enjoy while dinner is being eaten. This lets's your dog enjoy the festivities, but keep him away from the table scraps. Adding their meal or snack to a Kong or slow feeder adds even more holiday fun for your dog!

    K-9 Free Kitchen

    If your dog is anything like mine, they are constantly under your feet when cooking. On a normal Thursday, this wouldn't be too much of a big deal, but on Thanksgiving it can be disastrous! The kitchen is the main focus during Thanksgiving, so keep your dog out of the way to avoid tripping hazards or an oven opening on an unsuspecting pup. 

    Beware of Decor

    Most people don't think of decorations as a threat to their dogs, but certain decorations can be very dangerous for our pups. Some plants and flowers can be poisonous to our pets, so it's best to keep them all out of reach of pets.

    Dangly cords or small decorations can also form a choking hazard for dogs. This can be easily overlooked in the busyness of the holiday, so make sure to dog proof your home before the day of festivities. 

    Travel Smart

    When traveling with your dog, there are many risk factors involved. This is increased if you have to stay away from your home overnight with your dog. Thankfully, a little planning ahead and making smart decisions can help set you up for a successful trip.

    Make sure to keep your dog secure, either in a carrier or on a leash. Even we holding them, have some sort of backup. Holidays are full of loud sounds, and dogs can easily get spooked and run away. Be sure to pack everything needed for your dog while you are away, including extra food, treats, and a comfort item like their favorite blanket. 

    Finally, if your small dogs deserves a place where they can rest and relax. This can be hard to find in a new and busy environment. Crates are a pain to carry, ugly, and are a little to open to really feel secure. 

    That's why I always bring my Chic Pet Bag for holiday visits. The bag is perfect to transport pet supplies while my dog happily greets everyone. The comfort of a familiar space when away from home is perfect for my anxious dog, and the sides are just covered enough to not disturb her.

    Plus, my family always ask me where I got it since it's so cute. Sometimes they hardly realize it's a dog carrier!

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