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    The Benefits of Traveling With Your Dog

    The Benefits of Traveling With Your Dog

    We’ve all seen the photos of dogs looking adorable in the most picturesque locations. I’m sure we’ve all dreamed about taking a vacation with our dogs, but is it really a good idea?

    Well duh! While yes, traveling with pets can add a bit of stress and planning to your trip, the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives. Here are the best benefits for planning a trip for you and your pooch.

    The Benefits for You:

    Peace of Mind

    No one takes care of your dog better than you! Having your pup with you while you travel takes away from the constant worry of “is my dog safe and happy?” because you know they are when they are with you. Your dog is your home away from home while traveling!


    Experience like the Locals

    Not only will your dog star in the cutest vacation pics ever, but you will often connect with more people throughout your vacation. Dog friendly places attract dog friendly people, and many will ask about or compliment your dog! Connecting with pet parent locals and other tourists can open new doors and ideas for activities to share with your pup during your trip.


    Can Be More Affordable

    This benefit really depends on your area, where you’re traveling and how you’re traveling. While many airlines and hotels charge pet fees, the one-time fee is often cheaper than daily boarding or pet sitting fees, especially when going on a longer vacation.

    Slow Down and Sniff the… Everything?

    When vacationing without pets, the focus is often turned towards seeing and doing as much as you can. This usually includes a strict itinerary and schedule. This can be fun and exciting but can also be exhausting when you’re trying to relax on vacation!
    When your dog joins, you have no choice but to work around your dog’s schedule and needs. They want to explore with their nose, take walks in new places and potentially meet new friends along the way. This usually results in a slower paced day and added flexibility in your schedule.



    The Benefits for Your Dog: 

    Closer Bond

    Although we see our pets every day, sharing in new experiences can bring you together in ways you never expected. In new situations, your dog looks to you for cues on how he should respond. When you can calm and support them, they will repay you with a lifetime of trust and love!



    The best way to socialize your dog is to expose them to new experiences in a safe and not overwhelming way. When they’re by your side they naturally feel a little safer. As they continue to add to these experiences, your dog will build confidence
    The Country Club Carrier and its mesh sides are great for shy dogs because they can experience their surroundings in an environment they feel safe in.

    Enriching and Exciting

    Your dog gets bored just like people do. When we think about how much of their lives they live in our homes, it makes sense! Adding enrichment activities at home helps a bunch, but why not give them a vacation with a whole host of new smells, sights and sounds? You do want to be sure that your dog is getting enough rest during their vacation as well to avoid overstimulating them.

    Where Should I Travel with My Dog?

    When planning a canine excursion, you’ll want to scout ahead to ensure that there are plenty of pet-friendly places and events for you to explore. There are many pet-friendly cities in the US to explore, and more internationally! If you are flying with your pet, there are rules and restrictions that need to be followed and vary by airline. Check out our tips for flying with your pet blog for all the info you need to book a flight with your furry friend in tow.

    You’ll also want to have a safe and secure place for your dog to relax. In lieu of dragging around a cumbersome (and frankly, ugly!) crate, why not invest in a beautiful pet carrier that is just as stylish as you? Our Hollywood Carrier and Country Club Carrier are both airline compliant, and our Broadway Carrier is PEAK iconic canine couture.
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